Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Simple manual on conducting emancipatory research

Simple Manual on using emancipatory research approach in CBR: second draft version of this manual is available for download in PDF format (320 KB). Please feel free to share it with other persons and organisations who may be interested. Your feedback and examples for the manual will be welcome.

This manual is based on experience of conducting an emancipatory Research Project on "Impact of 10 years of a CBR programme" in India. This research looked at a CBR programme covering 9 sub-districts with a total population of around 2 million persons. The CBR programme reaches out to around 23,000 persons with different disabilities. This emancipatory research involved around 500 persons with disabilities from the communities and trained them to become researchers.

You can read other reports from this research at the following webpage.

If you need the document in word version and for any questions, clarifications write to: sunil.deepak(at)

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